The House Search

Seems like it was just this time last year that my family and I were looking for a house in Gilbert, SC. Well, it seems that way because it WAS this time last year that we were looking for a house in Gilbert. Here we are again in the same predicament, looking for a house, one we can (at least for a while) call home. We are looking for something comfortable, somewhere with good amenities, a place that will hold all of our stuff.

“Well, that’s a shame,” you say. “We feel for you,” you say. “But,” you ask, “What does that have to do with anything religious?” That’s a good question, and one I hope I can answer for you. Just read on and I think you will get the idea. I promise there is a connection.

Several people have been looking for possibilities for us, and one man in particular has been very diligent in the search. Still, nothing has materialized. Friends and family often help us try to find the right “church home.” Just as in searching for a house, most people want to be where they are “comfortable”, where the church has good “amenities”, and where there is room for all of their “stuff”. Our friends know our needs, or at least what they think are our needs.

We tend to find comfort where no one challenges our beliefs or our actions. We can hold any off-the-wall belief and they would accept us regardless of our stand on the Bible. Never mind that the scriptures tell us to be watchful (Rev. 16:15), that evil companionships corrupt good morals (1 Cor. 15:33), and that love means correcting when wrong (Gal. 6:1). As long as we become a part of them, it’s all fine. No questions asked.

Sometimes we may look for a church that has the best facilities, or amenities if you will, of all those around us. Or, we look for the church with the most active youth group, or the most popular youth minister. Perhaps we choose the church with the most dynamic preacher or song leader.

It is even possible that we look for a church that offers the most opportunities to be seen or heard. Of course, the true Christian will be concerned about where the truth is taught, and followed. He or she will be looking for a congregation that needs them, and not just the congregation they feel they need.

Then there is the “stuff.” We want to be where our stuff can be with us. Our baggage has got to remain with us, or so we think. Some of us have the desire to be in charge. It is our way or the highway. “I’ll take my marbles to another playground if I can’t make the rules.”

Some of us want to continue in whatever sin we are committing, and we want to be where no one questions it. Never mind that we are bound for eternal damnation if we keep this mindset and do not repent of whatever the sin is. As long as I can have my stuff with me, I’m happy. Just don’t touch my stuff and we will get along just fine!

If any of these describe us, we have a serious problem. We might need to move out. Better yet, let’s repent and get back on our way toward heaven.