We are happy that you are taking the time to read this article. That is a choice that you made, and we are very thankful that you made what we think is the right one! All day, every day, we have to make choices: whether or not to get up out of bed, what to eat (if anything) to break the fast we started before going to bed, what to wear, where our foot should be placed for our next step…you get the picture.

We must choose the friends we make. We must choose the wife or husband that we intend to marry. We must choose to make that marriage successful, and of course our mate must also make that choice. We must decide if we want children, or how many. We must give them names, and that too requires choosing. On and on the situations can be listed that require us to make a choice.

There is one choice that is far more important than any other that we will ever have to make. That choice is whether or not we will follow at His word. This choice necessarily includes many other decisions that must be made by us, individually. Do I choose to believe that God is real? He is whether I choose to believe it or not. Do I want to seek Him and will I choose to open His word, His revealed will, in order to please Him? Do I want to go to heaven, when my life ends or Christ returns, to be with God forever? Do I choose to believe that Jesus is His Son who he sent to be the final sacrifice for the sins of mankind? If so, do I choose to respond to these choices in order to be saved from my sins and become a Christian, at which point God will add me to His church?

The previous choices are ours to make. We can decide in any way that we want. But, God has told us through His word what happens when we make the wrong choices. How we come to Him must be on his terms! The way that we come to true knowledge of Him is by learning the Bible, His inspired word. “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17 KJV) Wuest’s Word Study states it this way: “”So then, faith is out of the source of that which is heard, and that which is heard is through the agency of the word concerning Christ.”  True Biblical faith cannot possibly come from any other source.

No creed book, no book of prayers, no manuals, no papal bull; nothing but the inspired word of God is “profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.” (2 Tim. 3:16-17) You can choose to follow those other things but God did not write them, man did. Jesus said that the word (of God) is that by which we will be judged on the last day. (John 12:48)

If we want to please God, we must first know how to do so. We must “hear” the report that Paul and the other Biblical writers gave us. Then we must go about “rightly dividing” it, or understanding it all in context. Just as importantly, we must choose to be obedient to that report that we “hear”. That is, if we choose to please God and one day be where He is.

You have a choice to make. In fact, you have many choices to make. We are more than willing to help you in helping you to “hear” the report. We will not try and teach you what the Bible does NOT say. We have our own souls to be concerned about. Instead, we will only show you what it DOES say. You can make your decisions based off that.

Please, let us help you. We do not want for you to make the same wrong choices that some of us have in the past. None of us are promised that we will have the time to come back and the right choices. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. You must make choices now and you must get them right. The eternal home of your soul depends on the choices you make today. May God grant you the time to choose that which is right. ~Wade